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Commercial/Corporate Relocation/Office Moving
Were well equipped to handle the largest most extensive types of moves.
Our Movers possess a large background of knowledge when it comes to planning a commercial moving job. We understand that just like your business we need a detailed plan so everything moves as efficient as possible. Our movers will take an on-site survey to assess your needs. We'll make sure to keep constant communication open between our movers and your management team. Whether your a small, medium or large size business, Patrick Moving & Storage truly understands your needs.

Residential/House/Apartment Moving
Patrick Moving & Storage specializes in residential moving service. The core of our beliefs and company has been built on satisfying customers moving into new homes, apartments, condominiums and buildings. We understand that it can be a stressful, uncomfortable process. You already have so much to worry about, and top of it, you've got to move.

Relax, let us handle everything. We'll analyze your home and the distance were going to be moving you. We do this in order to assess how long it's going to take us to get you settled in your new home. Our movers are courteous, gentle, responsible and truly care about your comfort and your valuables.

We can also provide you with the boxes and materials needed to move all of your valuables, so everything is in perfect condition when you move into your new home. Check out our moving boxes section for more information.

Antique & Fine Art Moves

Not just anyone can move antiques as well as fine art. These are extremely fragile valuable items that have to be handled with all the care in the world especially by professionals. We've got over 20 years of experience handling valuable antiques and fine art most people will never see or touch. Our experience grants us the opportunity to move everything carefully, quickly and perfectly. Call the experts when you need delicate, fragile, or valuable items moved.

Piano Relocation
There's an art to moving pianos. Pianos are fragile, expensive, very heavy items to move. This should never be done by anyone that isn't a trained professional. You've got to be aware of a specific balance and inertia of a piano, you need a reasonable amount of strength, and proper equipment.

Buy Boxes
We offer a wide selection of boxes capable of moving every belonging you have. For your convenience we also offer moving value packages designed for specific types of moves. One of your children might be going to college or getting their first apartment, you might need a package fit for an entire family or something for an office relocation. Whatever you need, we've got it.

Moving Supplies
Besides carrying normal boxes, Patrick Moving & Storage has all the tools to make your move as reliable,comfortable and secure as possible. This includes packaging tape, markers, along with newsprint and bubble wrap for some of the more delicate, items. We also carry special boxes designed specifically for carrying fine china and other fragile items.

Below are some recommendations we make for the amount of boxes needed for your moving needs. To puchase boxes please visit our


10 medium boxes
5 large boxes
packing tape(10lbs)
bubble wrap(12'' * 100 feet)
1 marker


20 medium boxes
10 large boxes
packing tape
bubble wrap(12'' * 100 feet)
wrapping paper(25lbs)
2 black markers
2 wardrobe boxes


30 medium boxes
15 large boxes
packing tape
bubble wrap(12'' * 100 feet)
wrapping paper(25lbs)
3 black markers
3 wardrobe boxes


40 medium boxes
20 large boxes
packing tape
bubble wrap(12'' *100 feet)
wrapping paper(25lbs)
4 black markers
3 wardrobe boxes